Become a Mentor

Are you a human being with real life experience? We are now recruiting responsible caring adults to become volunteer mentors.


Find your local Agency

Want to learn more about your local Big Brothers Big Sisters? You can connect directly with someone in your community.


The Great Airplane Challenge

Do you know someone who would make a good mentor? You can pass them a paper airplane and see if they will catch the energy!


Be A Big

698 days. That’s how long Naveah has been waiting for you!

Nine-year-old Neveah dreams of becoming a singer when she grows up.

Across Southwestern Ontario, there are BLANK NUMBER of young people just like Naveah waiting for a mentor; for a caring adult to be their friend. Many people believe having a mentor is a nice-to-have, but it is a need-to-have for the young people we serve.

When exposed to adversities such as violence, poverty, or crime in the home or the community, identity challenges, or mental health issues, these young people risk developing toxic stress and not having the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Neuroscience tells us that a nurturing, caring relationship with a stable adult is critical for buffering the impact of toxic stress on child’s brain. When we provide young people facing adversity with a committed mentor like you, we are decreasing their risk factors and igniting their potential.