An incredible way to support Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the young people we serve is to start a volunteering incentive program at your business. You can provide them with an hour off during the week to mentor a child, or provide other incentives to encourage your staff to volunteer on their own time. The benefits are many for young people in the community who are in need of a consistent and supportive mentor, but there is significant benefits to businesses and employees as well.

  • Grows business profile and public image in the media/community
  • Increases the skill base for employees who volunteer
  • Builds community and social awareness/commitment of employees
  • Elevates employee morale and loyalty
  • Increases customer base and support
  • Provides networking opportunities with community/customers
  • Provides team building across business
  • Encourages recruitment and retention of quality employees
  • Creates opportunity for engagement in community where they live
  • Offers alternative opportunities to demonstrate their leadership capabilities
  • Provides an opportunity for recognition outside the work function
  • Builds skills and enhances leadership and personal development
  • Feels rewarding and gratifying
  • Makes employees feel better about where they work
  • Provides networking and team building opportunities

If you are interested in getting more information or if you want to register your business to start the process of employer supported volunteering, please complete the form below.

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