Big Sister Alexis shares how being an in-school mentor was just as rewarding for her as it was for her mentee


Big Sister Alexis and her Little sister Harmony hanging out at school.


My experience as an in-school mentor was incredible. I have volunteered in a couple different programs through Big Brothers Big Sisters, but in-school mentoring was by far my favourite. I went into it a little nervous, not knowing what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. I liked the one-on-one environment with my mentees, it allowed me to focus on them and really listen to what they had to say.

I looked so forward to meeting with my mentee Harmony, every Thursday morning. Nothing is better than being greeted by a “LEXIII!!!!” followed by a big hug. I was also super excited to spend my lunch hour with Raine every Thursday. I had SO much fun with them both.

Harmony and I loved colouring together. That’s when we had the best chats. She told me I was her best friend and she loved Thursday’s because she got to see me. We also had lots of fun making slime. Raine and I loved baking together. All my mentees loved making slime. Other things I did with my mentees were crafts, board games, bowling, baking, and cupcake decorating.



“I knew there were so many children that wanted and needed a mentor, but it wasn’t until I started mentoring that I realized how much I needed them too.”



It brought me so much joy to see her laughing and smiling, and to be doing it right alongside her. It made me so happy making her so happy. The staff at Big Brothers Big Sisters in Oxford County were also amazing. They were there to answer every question, concern or need I had within my matches. I felt so supported by the agency, which made maintaining a positive relationship with my mentors that much easier. If anyone is looking to volunteer, I would definitely suggest doing it at Big Brothers Big Sisters in the in-school mentoring program. Because of it I got to meet some of the most amazing kids, and immensely grow as an individual.


—Alexis Kingsbury