Train now to be an in-school mentor this fall



Want a reason to go back to school? Be an in-school mentor today!

20-30 volunteers needed by fall

We know school just got out, but we are already thinking ahead and looking for volunteer mentors who are ready to be matched with a local student this fall. Maybe you are a retired teacher looking to stay engaged in the school or you just have some free time during the day and want to give back.

What is the In-School Mentoring Program?

It’s exactly what it sounds like – you mentor a child at a nearby school. But it’s so much more than that! It’s an opportunity to build a genuine friendship with a child. It’s where you boost their self-esteem so they have the confidence to succeed. It’s where you find purpose. And they gain perspective. For one hour per week during the school year, mentors meet with their mentee to play board games, make crafts or just hang out. Big Sister Alexis shares how being an in-school mentor was just as rewarding for her as it was for her mentee.


It’s as easy as meeting your friend at the local coffee shop. Only you meet them at school.


Who participates in the program?

Children is grades one through eight

Caring, responsible volunteers age 16+

Oxford County Schools (Participating schools)

What does the mentor do?

A mentor will make a one-hour commitment per week to visit the child at their school during the day. Besides playing games or making crafts, you will be a role model for a student, someone who has lived to tell their story and provide perspective. A mentor listens and encourages the child while having patience and empathy for the unique needs of their mentee. A mentor will see the world from a child’s view.

Is there a waitlist?

In-School Mentoring is a popular program. Last school year, there were 80 one-on-one school matches in Oxford County. Currently, we have 40 students who want an in-school mentor this fall. To meet this need, we need 20-30 volunteers to step up and be that someone in their corner.

What communities can I volunteer in?

You can volunteer in the community you live or anywhere in Oxford County. We have a few spots in the rural areas (Norwich, Drumbo and Tavistock), but the majority of volunteers are needed in Ingersoll and Woodstock schools.

How do I volunteer?

Complete an online application form or visit our offices for a hard copy application. The process involves a “get to know you” session, obtaining a current police record check and then some training from our awesome staff! And if one-on-one mentoring seems intimidating to start, you could try starting with one of our in-school group programs Go Girls or Game On.


One child. One hour per week. One great reason to go back to school. Be an in-school mentor this fall.