Happy New Year from BBBSOC



Another year of challenges, stress, confusion and division is coming to a close.  As we are bracing for what may be ahead, it is important to keep spirits up for our friends, family and children.  What I have learned over the last 20 months is that as a community, we are incredibly resilient, and are working hard to continue to support those who are struggling during these times.  Mentors answered the call this year, and connected with their mentees in a variety of ways, over a screen and in person – understanding that young people in our community needed support more than ever due to changes to routines, activities and even classrooms.  Donors, companies and organization continued to support the agency in any way they could so we could continue to provide programs, activities and supplies at no cost to families or volunteers.  The community joined in fundraisers that looked a lot different than they have past but still offered some fun and kinship.  Moving into the new year, I hope that we can come together and offer support instead of divisiveness, a kind smile and good wish instead of an argument and put our differences aside for the betterment of our community, and our mental health.  We truly are bigger together then we are apart.  Happy New Year – please stay safe, happy and healthy!

Kristen Ralph, Executive Director Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oxford County