Congrats to Linda & Len D., Big Mentors of the Month for August!

Linda and Len have been volunteering with BBBSOC as a Couples Match for five years now!  When we asked what inspired them to become a Couples Match, they said “While we each continue to individually volunteer in various capacities, we thought it would be interesting to share a volunteer commitment in retirement. BBBS had long been an organization near and dear to our hearts and the Couples Match program was the perfect fit.”

Five years ago, Linda and Len were matched with an 8 year-old “inquisitive” boy, who as they say has now “matured into an intuitive, talkative teen.”  They said, “hen he does not have us laughing, our friend (mentee) informs us about all sorts of things and keeps us current about the complexities of being a teenager. It is not easy growing up!”

One of their favourite memories together was building a special shelf for Hot Wheels vehicles. “From start to finish, this joint project provided teachable moments including budgeting, power tool safety and paying it forward by donating the shelf to the BBBSOC silent auction. The sense of pride felt by our friend made this one of many memorable moments. Our creation for this year’s fundraiser has begun.”

What an incredible story for us to share!  Thank you, Linda and Len, for igniting potential!  We can’t wait to hear more great stories from your Couples Match!

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