BIG Mentor of the Month – December 2022



BIG Mentor of the Month- December 2022

Our first ever BIG Mentor of the Month has been awarded to Brittany M. Brittany has been mentoring for the past 3.5 years in our BIG Sister program. She’s attended agency events, such as the holiday party and the BIG Car Show. Brittany and her partner even asked guests to their wedding to make donations to BBBSOC in lieu of gifts!

“I have always loved working with kids, and truly believe that the skills and beliefs we learn as children become the foundation of who we are as adults”, said Brittany, when describing her inspiration to become a BIG!

Brittany and her mentee have made lots of lasting memories with each other, but one of Brittany’s favourite moments included taking a trip to Port Hope to explore where IT movies were filmed. “To support my mentee’s enthusiasm, we toured the city and took pictures at different sites we saw in the movies,” said Brittany. It was a really great day as they even had “the best french fries” and were able to visit some family too!  

Thinking about becoming a BIG? Send in your application:  

Thank you to our friends at Produce Express who gifted Brittany with this amazing gift basket to help us celebrate her amazing efforts – Brittany was excited to share this with her mentee!

In the photo are (L-R): Erica Hughes (Volunteer Recruitment & Engagement Coordinator), Brittany and Kurtis from Produce Express